No, I’m Not Disappointed We’re Having Another Girl

So, we’re pregnant! We’re having another girl! Emmie is so freaking excited to be a big sister…we think…she actually doesn’t really seem to get it, so we’re projecting excitement onto her. We just found out we’ll be having another daughter. We could not be more excited. Let me repeat: we could not be more excited. […]

Mom bod

Mom Bod

  I finally did it. I wore a two piece to swim lessons today. I thought I would feel self-conscious. When that didn’t come, I thought I would feel invincible. I guess I did a little bit, but what I really felt was something I hadn’t felt about my body for a long time– comfort. […]

Throwing Your Child’s First Birthday

We just celebrated my daughter’s first birthday! I cannot believe it. She’s one. What a whirlwind of a year. From horrible experiences at daycare to awesome daycare experiences, difficulties breastfeeding to fights on social media, it’s been a fantastic year with my darling daughter. We just threw her first birthday and it was amazing, tiresome, and […]