No, I’m Not Disappointed We’re Having Another Girl

So, we’re pregnant! We’re having another girl! Emmie is so freaking excited to be a big sister…we think…she actually doesn’t really seem to get it, so we’re projecting excitement onto her.


We just found out we’ll be having another daughter. We could not be more excited. Let me repeat: we could not be more excited.

When we found out we were pregnant, everyone asked, “Oh! Are you hoping for a boy this time around?” I’ll admit, a boy would be great. And a girl would be great. Any healthy, happy baby would be great.

I don’t think it’s a ridiculous question. Some parents do have a preference. What I do think is a little crazy is, now that we know we’re having a girl, the question “Are you disappointed” seems…absurd.

Absolutely not. A slew of expletives come to mind when I hear this question, but I promised my family I’d clean up my act on this blog.

I have five sisters. Honestly, having sisters has been the greatest gift to my life. We are all intensely loyal to each other. We are all so close.

We fight like crazy. We yell, we scream, we hate each other momentarily. Overall though, my sisters are the the people who keep me going. They are the ones I call first for any sort of news. They are the ones I rely on to pick me up when I’m down. They are my support system.

This isn’t to take anything away from my husband or parents– they’re also incredible. I merely want to highlight the bond between all of us sisters– you just can’t break that.

So, when someone asks me if I’m disappointed that the babe will get to experience that, I feel sorry for them. I feel sorry that they don’t understand that bond between sisters. I feel sorry that they don’t understand how integral having those shoulders to cry on or those secret talks about boys or sharing those fears about my own children are. I feel sorry that they don’t immediately understand the friendship between sisters and the overwhelming sense of love we have.

Am I disappointed we’re having another girl and my daughter will receive all of these gifts? Absolutely not. There is no bond like the one between sisters.



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